Yspringtech: The unique charm of MCU

Since the era of human beings entering the machine production era, the appearance and development of MCUs have become extremely important. They have provided important prerequisites for the liberation of productivity and the continuous development and progress of machines. With the changes of the times and the continuous breakthrough of innovation in technology, with the popularization of AI technology and the promotion of wireless connection technology, the Internet of Things and intelligent hardware market has achieved rapid development. Node-side intelligence has become the consensus of the industry. How should MCU develop?



First of all, we must be sure that the current industrial development can not be separated from the MCU, MCU has penetrated into every corner of industrial development, such as the existence of the sun and air. The MCU is already in the process of industrial development. At the current stage, there will be no risk of elimination.


Then, the development of technology, such as artificial intelligence, SOC chip upgrade is definitely not the end of the MCU, but a good medicine to promote the development of MCU.


No product or technology is everlasting. If you want to exist, you must continue to lead the times.


Having said that, I want to tell you that the MCU has its necessary value. It is embedded in every device in human life and controls the mission of executing the machine. In the future, MCU will gradually move closer to the central control system, and strive to achieve network-wide interconnection and real-time tracking control.



McCann MCU, McKinsey Integrated Circuits Co., Ltd. (MDT) MCU products, MDT was established in Taiwan in June 1996, is a professional MCU design and manufacturing company. Most of the members of Taiwan's McCann come from the semiconductor industry. They have considerable qualifications and experience in IC design and manufacturing in terms of design, engineering, marketing, planning, finance, administration and commissioning.


In 2011, Yspringtech wholly-owned and acquired Taiwan McCann Integrated Circuit Design Co., Ltd., and all its related technical patents were included in the bag, achieving a qualitative leap in the MCU field, including the development of 32 industrial control MCUs. Achieved a major breakthrough in the application of yspring MCU products in the industrial field.


McCann MCU has the characteristics of fast speed, low power consumption, good anti-interference performance, easy to learn and use. Since its introduction, the series has been well received by customers. After being merged into Yspringtech, the upgrade of patent technology, Yspringtech Can be more localized to provide customers with customized requirements.

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