High performance CMOS optical motion sensor - Yspringtech YS8106

YS8106 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS photoelectric sensor independently developed by Yspring Technology Co.,Ltd. It realizes photoelectric imaging detection by real-time acquisition of LED exposure images of contact surfaces, and calculates the moving trajectory, ie moving direction and movement, through DSP internal DSP processing. Distance to complete positioning. The DSP unit is integrated internally to provide internal RC oscillation, eliminating the need for external resistors and eliminating the need for mechanical movement.


Product features

YS8106 can realize single power supply, save power in no motion mode, integrate internal USB transceiver function, no external MCU control, complete 2-D optical sensor, and realize accurate optical motion recognition on a very wide interface; It can realize high-speed optical motion detection above 30Inches/sec; support left, center, right, forward, backward, DPI six-button and scroll wheel operation; four-speed resolution (750/1000/1500/2000), adapt to different screen movements Speed switching; comes with slow flash, breath, long light, fast flash four-speed DPI switching indication function.

Basic specification



Package size

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Application circuit