2018 Sixth China Electronic Information Expo

2018 The 6th China Electronic Information Expo is an annual large-scale electronic technology exhibition in Shenzhen, and the exhibition tickets are free of charge. This is the most influential annual event in the electronics industry. In the past every exhibition period, the scene is full of people. The fragrance of science and technology is everywhere. The exhibition is divided into N exhibition halls, which last for N days. The new products that were unveiled during the exhibition are the leaders of the annual technology trend.


The theme of this year's Expo is “Smart and New Life, Wisdom and New Life”, and you will be able to see the innovative technological achievements of enterprises including Keda Xunfei, Lenovo, Weilai Auto, Zero Technology, Yspringtech, etc. Including robots, smart cities, smart education, smart cars, smart medical care, smart old-age care, etc. In short, the scene will be a wave of unheard-of-war, unheard of black technology, let you experience the power of "AI". It is understood that the exhibition covers an area of over 100,000 square meters and presents more comprehensive and valuable electronic information technology products to the public. The most important point is that the tickets for this exhibition are free!


In addition to a variety of new products, Hyun Technology, this year's Expo will also hold a "1 + 2 + 5" high-end forum, invited top industry experts and industry leaders and industry figures to give a speech, Shenzhen Yspringtech has the honor to invite the exhibition, and will be on stage with a number of industry giants.


In addition, the exhibition has a total of 21 exhibition halls in 21 exhibition areas.


There are 9 exhibition halls and 21 professional exhibition areas in the Expo. Among them, Hall 1 is the CITE Complex. It mainly focuses on smart homes, smart terminals, high-end chips and Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data. Including Hisense, TCL, Changhong, Konka and other well-known enterprises.


Hall 2 is a new display and application hall. It has an OLED display exhibition area, a car display exhibition area, a medical display exhibition area, an education display area, a wearable display area, a traffic display area and an application terminal exhibition area, a display equipment material exhibition area, and a new type. Material exhibition area.


Hall 3 is based on the theme of intelligent manufacturing. The exhibition area includes intelligent robot exhibition area, big data exhibition area, drone exhibition area, intelligent monitoring and identification exhibition area, and smart factory automation exhibition area.


As the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Pavilion, Hall 4 will focus on laser equipment, drones, and intelligent software. The key exhibitors in the museum include Han's Laser, Cevi, Ou Bo, and Dongying Schindler.


The Artificial Intelligence Pavilion on the 5th will showcase the artificial intelligence ecosystem including education, medical care, transportation and other aspects.


Hall 6 is a smart city and smart hardware museum. The museum displays products such as smart cities, wearable products, and smart hardware makers.


Halls 7 and 8 will present new energy technologies for lithium batteries. There are intelligent network and new energy vehicle technology exhibition areas, lithium battery new energy exhibition area, intelligent network and new energy automobile exhibition area; lithium battery exhibition area and lithium battery equipment materials. Exhibition area.


The last hall No. 9 is the basic electronic museum, which mainly displays components, materials, instruments, equipment, special electronics and other products.