Zero touch, zero pollution, Ysprigtech YS4004 makes smart medical surgery safer

The rapid development of technology, especially the wide application of smart phones, makes gesture recognition no stranger to us. Most consumer applications are now trying to increase this recognition feature, adding gesture recognition control to applications such as smart homes, smart wearables and VR.


Gesture recognition can bring a lot of benefits, cool features, easy operation, and good function in many applications, especially in the field of smart medical, using the embedded YS4004 chip to realize the zero touch function of the medical scene. A comprehensive zero-pollution medical scenario is of great significance.


As usual, the doctor started a busy day. In the same operation, the equipment in the operating room was upgraded;


The operating room faucet with embedded YS4004 chip has automatic sensing function, one second of water, and can be switched according to the gesture switch;


After cleaning the hand, the doctor walks quickly to the operating room, just raise the hand to sense, the surgical door automatically opens, no need to touch the door handle and the button, to prevent bacterial contact, to protect the hand clean and sterile;

Enter the operating room, go to the control panel, the control panel with embedded YS4004 chip can sense the recognition command according to the specified gesture. It can safely set the uploading operation time and control the required data without pressing the button.


With the continuous and precise updating of medical devices, gesture recognition not only satisfies the safety of different medical scenes, but also effectively avoids cross-infection and bacterial transmission caused by buttons and hand touches, and can assist in performing difficult operations on the operating table. Save the entire length of surgery, making the entire medical process more efficient and convenient!

As the only technology company in China to realize the mass production of gesture recognition chips, Yspringtech at the Shenzhen International Electronics Show, YS4004 gesture recognition chip has been highly recognized by domestic and foreign media and manufacturers customers, and has received orders from many medical institutions.


In the future, Yspringtech will make greater research breakthroughs in human-computer interaction, and strive to provide users with greater, touchable and interactive technical services, and have deep depth and access to deeper content.