Yspringtech: The prospect of smart medical care needs a strong Chinese chip

Yspringtech, established in 2007, is a listed company in the chip design industry, a national high-tech enterprise, and a demonstration brand of modern service industry in Guangdong Province.


With the international standard R&D team and the integration of McCann Accumulation, Yspringtech  has formed an integrated production system for R&D and design. The company currently has four complete product lines, including McCann MCU, photoelectric sensor, touch IC, and gestures. Identification, products cover smart home, smart medical, automotive electronics, small appliances and other fields.


Since 2016, Yspringtech  has been developing intelligently, professionally and comprehensively, and actively participated in global industry exhibitions such as CITE China Electronic Information Expo and Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and has developed China's intellectual power. The smart products created by Yspringtech's independent research and development chips displayed at the exhibition are the best interpretation of Yspringtech's deep cultivation of smart home and smart medical care.



At this stage, the market predicts that smart healthcare will probably be divided into three parts: digital intelligence, perceived intelligence, and cognitive intelligence.


In 2016, Yspringtech established the Human-Computer Interaction SOC project team, combining its own technological advantages, and prioritizing the choice of perceived intelligence as the entry point in the field of intelligent medical care, continuously optimizing and upgrading the human-computer interaction links, including the daily routine of auxiliary medical institutions. Work, access and feedback of patient information, testing and treatment equipment terminals, so that smart medical can make up for the complexities of traditional medical procedures, excessive reliance on manpower and other drawbacks, Yspringtech can develop its own business sector in the future medical field.


In 2018, Yspringtech fully integrated intelligent medical treatment. In order to meet the needs of medical institutions' “zero touch and aseptic operation”, a series of gesture recognition medical equipments were designed and developed, and cooperated with the hospital to realize the intelligent space of the operating room. YS4004 gesture recognition sensor chip, small carrier adapts to a variety of devices, unlimited connection, breakthrough physical obstruction, allowing medical institutions to receive patients with higher hygiene conditions, more efficient sterilized medical services. Of course, Yspringtech  will continue to cooperate with more medical institutions, and will not stop at simple gesture recognition functions. Combined with practical applications, it will be more diversified and intelligent.



After all. Yspringtech  firmly believes that in the field of intelligent medical care, only by maximizing the interests of patients, respecting the nature and laws of medical health, establishing good medical rules, and better serving users, can we build a complete AI medical health ecosystem in the future. ring.


In the future, Yspringtech  will strive to interpret the benchmarking strength of the industry with the direction of “intelligent medical treatment” to break through the constraints of design and manufacturing.