Company is the ship, you are on board, 99.9% of the staff have been moved

Company is the ship, you are on board, 99.9% of the staff have been moved. So, the company on this ship, and the company must be a common destiny, and the boss must to pull together in times of trouble.


Company is a ship. When you join a company, you become a member of the ship. This ship ran aground or return fully loaded, depending on whether you and all the crew on board, make concerted efforts to pull together in times of trouble.
An entrepreneur was asked why he likes sailing. His answer is, navigation and operation of enterprises have strong common point: the development of an enterprise needs the joint efforts of all staff, like a ship to ploughed through the waves to the crew perform their respective duties, together with, in order to successfully reach the goal as.
This is my very respected as a professional manager of the concept. I have been telling our company every family to come to me to seek advice from the people: you must set up "this is our ship" idea. That is to say, each person should take the organization of their own services as a boat, a boat of his own, so you will do everything we can with own power, active, efficient and enthusiasm to complete the task, intention to create belongs to own "boat"; will you on our colleagues as is and you are in the same boat partner, you are a ship collaborators, and only every person all strive to do their work, the ship will advance. Each man 's fate will be closely tied to the ship, and the ship with the fate of life and death. So, you not only have to contribute to your ship all the ability, you need to protect your ship, not to let it in the middle of the anchor.

This is our emphasis on the "master spirit". Grove Andy, President of Intel, was invited to deliver a speech to the graduates of the University of California at Berkeley. In his speech, he put forward the following suggestions: "no matter where you work, do not take yourself as an employee, and should be the company as a. Own career, only you can master. No matter what, you and your boss's cooperation, the ultimate beneficiaries of your own."
However, this attitude in the workplace is not much to see, they always think: the company is the boss, I just work for the boss, work to pay more, do a good job, and finally get the benefits will always be the boss." If you have a friend who is a soldier, or you know something about the army, then you will change the unreasonable. Every soldier is very clear, he must and his officers and his comrades in arms in the same boat, otherwise he sacrificed likely is greatly improved. On the battlefield, it means that life and death, every error may mean death. Without the wisdom of the chief, without the cooperation and cover of the comrades, you cannot accomplish the task alone. We often say "shopping malls such as the battlefield", such a principle in the shopping mall is also common.
In the mall, of course, a mistake does not mean death, but no one boss like this thing over and over again. Moreover, you are not successful in the development of enterprises, your personal interests will be affected; if the business is not the final failure, you have to re choose the occupation. Therefore, your interests and the interests of the company are the same, the development of the enterprise is also the basis for the protection of your personal interests and the future of development. Therefore, we say that the enterprise is like a boat, it requires all the crew (employees) to go all out, to the success of the ship to the other side, at the same time, this ship also carries its crew (employees), to avoid them fall into the sea.
In fact, the boss and employees are the ship, but the division of labor is different, the role is different. The boss is the captain of the ship. This position gave him not only have the right and responsibility, he will think ship heading to avoid wrecked or hits an iceberg, but also to protect the safety of people on the boat. Once you enter a business, it is like a boat, the only choice is to fulfill their own duties due diligence, each person is this, to ensure that the ship will not be a problem, because no one wants to ship in the vast sea, and even accidents or accidents.
In this sense, staff is enterprise's owner, the rise and fall of the company not only and the company every employee's vital interests has a direct relationship, but also to maintain the company every employee. So, the company on this ship, and the company must be a common destiny, and the boss must to pull together in times of trouble. When you just work, you should understand.
And the owner of the boat, which means you can not only with the boss to share the joy of success, more important is to be in difficulties to share sorrows for the boss. At that point, I really admire a young man I know, Finnan, who initially chose to work for a small computer accessories company with only twenty or thirty people, and his boss called Lottie, just a young man who was three years old.
Finnan to the company's third months, the company received a large order for a computer company processing 500000 Zhang Yingpan. This is the time of the company, has been a super order, the order can be successfully completed on time, the future development of the company will be a major relationship. The company was up and down, and it was up to the company to put all the money into the project. However, the vagaries of the market situation, on the one hand, due to the technology, however, on the other hand due to the negligence of the management, the production of hard disk appeared serious quality defects, were all return. For Finnan's small companies, this is undoubtedly a very heavy blow, not only did not make money, but owed the bank's debt. The banks know the news, has come to dun. Later, even the payment of water and electricity costs have become a problem. But the boss Lottie or borrow to pay four. When wages were paid, the boss held a meeting to explain the company's dilemma, and proposed that employees can work together to meet the difficulties, many employees are immediately resigned after understanding the company's situation. There are some employees think companies go to this step, full responsibility should be borne by Rorty, so they to Luodisuo to unemployment compensation. This is one of the people who have been loyal to Lottie, which makes Lottie feel very hurt, so he signed the agreement without hesitation. Those who did not intend to ask for compensation for the staff to see the scene also have to compensate, Luo Di are one one to meet them.
When looking at weekdays those keeps saying and hard work of the staff carrying their own things away, boss Rorty feel lonely, he thought the company left him alone. But when he came out of his office, he was surprised to find that there was still a man in the work, the man is Finnan. When he was a normal day, not too close to Lottie, and Lottie, also rarely talk to the staff. Lottie was very touched, and went to Finnan and said to him, "why did you not ask me for the money? If you want, I'll give you double. Although I am penniless, but I believe that my friends will lend me."
"Compensation?" Finnan smiled, "I don't intend to leave, why should I pay?" "You're not going to leave?" Lottie looked very surprised. "Do you think the company has any hope? To tell the truth, I have lost confidence in myself."
"No, I think the company is still in the hope that you are the boss of the company, you are in the company; I am the company's employees, the company in my respect to stay." Finnan said. Boss Lottie was deeply touched, "there are you like this employee, I should cheer up! But, I don't want you to suffer with me, I am in fact broke, you still go to a new job."
"Boss, I want to stay with you to bear hardships. When the company developed, I came to the company, and now the company has the difficulty, I will leave, this is not moral. As long as you do not declare the company to close, I have the obligation to stay. Did you just say that your friend would help you? If you would accept my friend, let me help you."
Finnan firmly to stay, and all of his savings to lend the ROM. His boss, Lottie, to pay for the bank and employees' compensation, sold only one processing workshop and all the equipment, but also sold the car. The next day, they changed the focus of operations, and began to send some software companies sell software. This way of investment is very small, the company soon had a turning point, two people suffered a hard day after six months, the company has finally begun to profit. Since then, the company entered a rapid development period, more than a year later, the company will be transferred from the debt to $10 million.
One day, Finnan and Lottie in a coffee shop to drink coffee, Lottie said: "in the company's most difficult time, is you give me the greatest help. At that time I just want to give you half of the company's equity, but at that time the company has also not out of the woods, I afraid of drag you, now the company finally had come back from the dead, I think is the time to put it in your hands. At the same time, I sincerely invite you to be the president of the company." Lottie said, took out the certificate of appointment and share together to Finnan.
The things I have a deep touch, the boss is mastering the development direction of the company, is to determine the presence or absence of a company and those who can and the boss is in the same boat will get reward bosses of the largest. With the boss are in the same boat, including dutifully completed the job, most likely to share the boss's pressure, stand in the same position with the boss and support him, understand him.

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