Layout Design Engineer

工作地点:Shenzhen  招聘人数:5人  职位类型:Full-time
Job description:
1、according to the product line or file design requirements, according to the process design rules, the layout of the product design;
2、the product layout of the rules, circuit and layout matching check;
3、The final design of the product for the production and processing.
Job requirements:
1、skilled use of IC Layout Cadence design;
2、Familiar with DRC Dracula and LVS verification;
3、the CMOS have a certain understanding;
4、work hard, patient and meticulous, have team spirit.
1、Comfortable office environment, 5 days 8 hours working system;
2、Purchase of social security, provident fund;
3、Annual 5-15 days paid annual leave;
4、Public examination, travel, team activities;
5、Marriage, fertility, birthday gifts, sick condolences。
Contact information:
Address:10th Floor, Jiada Research & Development Building A, No. 5 Songping Mountain Road, Nanshan Science Park North Area, Shenzhen(518000)

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