Yang Xueshan met with President and CEO of the U.S. semiconductor association Toussie

July 23rd,2014, Vice Minister of industry and information technology Yang Xueshan met with the president and CEO of the U.S. semiconductor association, Brian Toussie, on the recent introduction of the national integrated circuit industry development and promote the development of Sino US cooperation in the semiconductor industry, and so on.


Yang Xueshan pointed out that China and the United States are in an important position in the global semiconductor industry chain, the industry is highly complementary, broad prospects for cooperation, the two sides should strengthen exchanges and cooperation between industry associations, enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, to further promote the development of the two countries in the semiconductor industry.

Toohey said, USA Semiconductor Association will continue to play a role as a link, to promote Sino US cooperation in semiconductor industry.

Electronic information division, international cooperation division of the relevant person in charge attended the meeting.

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