Gather the blessing to greet " Yspring" ,created Chip's new chapter together.

A toast to bid farewell to the old year, happy new year. In this auspicious beautiful moment, Shenzhen Yspring Technology Co., Ltd. in February 2015 at 18:00 on the 1 in our city Liya Hotel Charlton held on the theme "Gather the blessing to greet " Yspring" ,created Chip's new chapter together." 2015 Spring Festival party, all my colleagues in the company and eight side guests gathered in a hall, jointly celebrate the arrival of Spring Festival in 2015.


The theme of this year will be the "chip" of the word contains 4 meanings, one is to do chip design; two is the new product development, MCU class and optoelectronic class have successfully developed several high performance new products, MCU products introduced the 6105 series with and 8051 series of 684 and 685. Photovoltaic products introduced a lower power consumption, higher performance of the YS80XX and YS81XX series; three is the company's development and prosperity; the four is the representative of our hearts are connected, hand in hand to create a chapter.

2014 is the harvest of Yspring harvest year, in the external market competition environment, we have the spirit of hard work and hard work style, with the support of the new and old friends, the company has achieved good results, these are not the work of all members of the company and pay as well as the support of customers, for the first time to the outstanding staff and outstanding agents for awards, we offer the most enthusiastic applause and the most enthusiastic applause.

This year will also give partners provide a stage to display self and team and partners in the various departments brought different forms, let dizzying performances, sweeping through the world of dance "little apple" and energetic dance "Mama Mi Ya", emotional playing and singing a song "a thousand miles Chihiro", comic "chase after happiness", sketch "from the stars you" and so on, interspersed with the novel and unique game, we are actively involved, the entire evening showing  Yspring the family feast of joy. In laughter, our gratitude session also in the winter to everyone brought filar silk warmth and unexpected surprises, the company employees do not know in advance secretly invited parents of employees and we participate in the annual meeting, let us appreciate the real Yspring is a big family, also let each other's heart is more close to the.

The scene is brilliant, surprise again and again, the gift of the gift, the cash award is not stopped, the gift award with three, two and so on, the first prize is also set off the climax of the annual meeting. Company leadership and family interaction, the excitement of the draw, so that singing, applause, cheers has been in the venue.

The harvest time, don't forget the past hard sweat, at the moment, we can look for tomorrow. The new year opens a new course, holding a new hope, carrying the new dream. We will work with concerted, together with our effort to witness the great leap forward development of the company, together with the struggle experience of passionate struggle, together with thanksgiving sharing the harvest of joy, let us gather the blessing to greet " Yspring" together, hand in hand created Chip's new chapter together!