Breakthrough self,march forward courageously--remember Yspringtech 2014 expansion activities

On November 1, blue skies, sunny, Ypringtech Partners pregnant with eagerness, filled with a bright smile, together in the company, everyone high enthusiasm in the sunlight shining is passionate, outreach activities have been expecting for a long time of 1 night 2 days team is about to pull open heavy curtain, and together we will embark on breakthrough tour.

Went straight to the way, after a simple interactive game, we have a better understanding of each other. Our laughter all the way, stretching applause, unwittingly has reached destination -- China wolf Development Institute (and instructors have been at the base lined up to greet the arrival of our, in under the guidance of instructors, we quickly mix into two teams, respectively is: "legendary team" and "dream team", then the two teams at the same time for friendship first PK tournament.

After rapid collection named after, we began the prelude to break the ice, teams are mustering the strength to shout slogans, team song, fight style, everyone's enthusiasm gradually mobilized, enable us to quickly into the atmosphere to expand, like full arc bow ready. In the captain quickly convey content and rules, players realize expansion to pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, play to the team spirit, and earnestly fulfill every project.

The training consists of 5 carefully selected items: Rail train, high altitude, horizontal bar, book CS, field post graduation wall.

Rail trains can between training team cooperation ability, Captain command and organization ability, let the players mutual trust, team in unison. Folded the climax of the project, each group of players are mustering the strength agreed to move forward, even if the finger was scratched with the rope, the foot is sand abrasion, even still exhausted perseverance, together, for victory in the team competition, with a goal to strive towards the struggle, at the end of the whistle sounded the moment, they sweat have been drenched.

Air bar let us experience the moment breakthrough for the importance of success, have the courage to challenge themselves, dare to face and across their psychological barriers, stimulate the personal potential, by teammates encouragement and protection, realize the importance of team support each other, and.

Post messenger project gives us a profound consciousness to effective team communication of goals, the team is very important, we can have a further understanding of communication, any one player to the information understanding have biased will lead to mission failure.

Field CS through the practice of the strength of the team, a person only in the face of the difficult situation of actual combat, it is able to fully understand the importance of team mate and team, an organization and orderly team can overcome all difficulties. Everything to plan, and to be able to fully consider the various factors, and formulate a comprehensive strategy, implement effective tactical team to is an undefeated team.

The last project "graduation wall" is the climax of the whole activity. This project must be finished by the whole team, players Gan human ladder of dedication, team spirit of unity and cooperation. Without any equipment, all people need to climb the 4.5-meter-high walls, not with the other tools can only rely on stepping on a shoulder of the ladder to climb, and by climbing onto the platform above partner hand pull you one, the rest of the people in the following held high your hands to do to protect. At this time to climb, each partner helping hands is not only hands, and more like one hope, shoulder the ladder is he to the highest peak climbing rushed the solid cornerstone! No team a person could not unite in a concerted effort, the successful completion of. Can imagine us for the same goal, unity, and dedication to forge ahead! To challenge! To fight! This is a shocking scene! Scene with many partners and burst into tears, in order to successfully challenge the limit, to break through the self and cry, more selfless contribution gave her shoulder the ladder and hard to pull them partners and moved to cry, a lot of partners to finally could not bear to go they have broken skin on the shoulder and then step on the foot. It is the courage to pay, regardless of the return of partner, with his shoulders propped up the hope of our climb to the top of the peak, they are a real warrior, they reveal the exchange Yspring wind fan, is a model for us to learn. Let us pay tribute to the warriors, they are: Xiao Yonggui, Lin fan, Wu Pingsheng, Jiang Caihui, Huang Juhua, Guo fortune, Jin Hongzhi.

Time and time again, the collision, a breakthrough, we again witnessed the growth of each other, we have once again cast a new friendship the Great Wall! The event not only enhance mutual understanding, but also let us each person deeply felt the strength of unity is infinite, a person's strength is small, it is necessary to form a cohesive, fighting force as a whole, to complete the mission, work together, struggle! This is the spring of us, the unity and perseverance. Activity is short, but the positive energy emitted from the emission will be accompanied by us and create a brilliant future!

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